Every project is unique. That’s why we designed our studio to have the flexibility to accommodate almost any concept or vision. Even though we focus on uncompromised signal path and strong creative tools, we are most excited about our collection of tunable rooms.

Sound is best when its captured in an environment that provides freedom and diversity for sonic textural options. We love being able to change the angles of our walls or the height and pitch of our ceilings by adjusting the panels, diffusers or absorbing treatments that we hand crafted with a combination of soft and reflective materials including many species of common and exotic woods. That is a key element to having the freedom to achieve adventurous possibilities.

Our commitment to vintage gear is strong and we also have the best of the new in recording technology. These eclectic tools flow into our pristine input path powered by 24 channels of Lynx Aurora a/d d/a converters. We also have a mobile rig powered by Black Lion Audio HD converters.

Imagine harkening back to the days when a library was a gathering place for stimulating conversation and classical music. Thread’s 10,000 volume library is perfect for recording acoustic instruments and the human voice with a timeless salon-like ambiance. Books provide excellent acoustic diffusion and absorption for pristine recording. Surrounded by sage poetry, classic literature and inspiring art will infuse your music with the likes of Proust, Dante, Rilke, Rumi, and renowned authors of antiquity.