Get The Feeds

Let’s hear it for catchy love songs kicked in the butt by loud amps. Enter: The Feeds.

The Feeds have recorded some killer tracks at thread and are playing live shows to support their new music. Their 5 song EP “GET THE FEEDS” includes the songs:

Breathe Valentine
For a Little While
Stepping Out

“The Feeds are a North Carolina trio delivering terrific melodies and chunky riffs that tip their collective hat to the full lineage of power-pop, from the Raspberries to Cheap Trick to Bob Mould’s Sugar.

Will Marley plays guitar and sings, Greg Clayton plays drums and Paul Walz plays bass.

Marley and Clayton previously played in Lustre, which was fortunate enough to release a woefully underappreciated album on A&M Records (well, at least Playboy magazine got it…) before succumbing to the great music industry implosion at the end of the last century. For The Feeds, the duo has hooked up with bassist Walz, and pick up directly where Lustre left off, dialing back the distortion a tad but still piling on the hum-inducing hooks and muscular Marshall tones that made them such a winner in the first place.”  — Kathleen Johnson

To check out all of what The Feeds are up to, go to their website: 

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