Lynda Cohen & Robert Grappel 
Recording Endowment Recipient Doug Pratt.

thread is pleased to announce the completion of a true musical masterpiece by Autoharp innovator Doug Pratt. Doug was awarded the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering Endowment for 2011 that generously provides a yearly grant for the recording of Autoharp music. We are honored that he chose to work with us on the recording, mixing and mastering of this fine album that is titled “You Can’t Play That On The Autoharp”. Look for it later this summer!

Doug was joined live in the studio by four other remarkable musicians- Trent Boutz on banjo, Lawrence Sleeper on bass, David Russell on guitar and Zach Mondry on mandolin. Doug’s album also includes extensive collaboration with multi instrumentalist Manny Krevat.

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